Microblading, Eye Brows

$399 (initial service)

$150 (Touch-up, limit 1)

Top Picture is before the service.
Bottom Picture after the service.....

Microblading is a manual method of tattooing that uses a very fine blade comprised of tiny needles to apply thin, hair like strokes in the skin while simultaneously depositing pigment into the strokes. It is considered semi-permanent compared to traditional permanent makeup, though some of the hair strokes can last many years. Most of the work is applied to the epidermis, which over time, fades away.
Benefits of choosing microblading over traditional permanent makeup is that as we age, our skin changes make times. With permanent makeup, you cannot change that work once it is done. Because of this the work will change as your skin changes over time, affecting the quality of the original work. Microblading fades over time allowing you to change the work to accommodate and compliment the new changes in your skin.  This gives you the flexibility to change your look over the years to best suit you.

This service takes about 120 minutes.