LED Photo Facial


This service is only available as an add on to any facial.

Hyper-Pigmentation, clearly - and a somewhat unusual case to us, revealing something akin to a mottling of the skin ... In any event, it was reported that this client had "tried everything", from fade creams to pricey ($500, a pop) Photo-Facial treatments. We would have expected a high-powered IPL medical device to perform every bit as well as our DermaWave, but seemingly not in this particular instance. It surprised us, actually. Be that as it may, the above was after a total of five DermaWave sessions. The client reported that she was "very happy" with the results. More improvement could be yielded with additional treatments. 
A virtual medley of pigmentation anomalies ... As Debra reported, darkened areas (as well as reddened areas) are much lighter and skin has a much more even tone. Here, too, six sessions were employed

 All Illustrations above are taken from the manufacture's web sites.

This service takes about 30 minutes.